1.    What is the Business Partner Portal?
The Business Partner Portal is designed to simplify your everyday business with Walter’s Publishing by providing a single point of access to information. Through the Portal, you can easily sign up new projects (jobs), renew projects from year to year, view and request changes to existing projects, track project status, view invoices and statements, and access marketing materials available for download.

You can also view a Webex video tutorial here.

2.    Will my Customer Care Representative be notified of any additions or changes I make to the Business Partner Portal?
All project sign-ups and change requests will be personally reviewed by your Customer Care Representative and visible within the Portal in one business day so you are assured the same high-quality service you have come to expect from Walter’s Publishing. 

3.    What information is contained on the Business Partner Portal? 

a.    PROJECTS (which include yearbooks and other products offered by Walter’s Publishing)

Project Sign-Up and Renewal

  • The Portal is populated with all the projects you published with Walter’s Publishing in the last year. To renew each one, just add the new delivery date, or make any necessary changes to last year’s specifications and submit the Sign-Up form electronically. (There is no need to re-enter data from year-to-year.)
  • New schools can also be signed up electronically in the Portal.  

Project Status

  • In the Portal, you will see all the specifications for each project. If you need to make a change, you can request it via the Portal instead of via email or phone.
  • You can also see whether a project has been scheduled, received, in production or shipped (in addition to receiving an email confirmation as you always have). 

All invoices and statements will be posted in the Portal for your review. It may take up to 24 hours from the time a billing email is sent for it to be visible on the Portal.

All Walter’s Publishing marketing materials are available electronically for you to easily reference and download. Use the Marketing Materials Order Form or contact your Customer Care Representative to order any of these items just as you have in the past.

You can email the Customer Care Representative associated with your projects at any time by clicking on the Contact Customer Care link. If your Customer Care Representative is out of the office, your request will be automatically forwarded to her back-up Customer Care Representative for efficient processing. 

4.    Who has access to my business information on the Portal?
Only the Business Owner has access to the Portal unless the Business Owner requests a Login for another user. (Additional users will only see Invoices and Statements if the Business Owner permits it when requesting additional log-ins.)

5.    Will I continue to receive project confirmation and status emails from Walter’s Publishing?
Yes, you will continue to receive all of the same communication from Walter’s Publishing, so that you can be assured that the change has been made in advance of the Portal’s regular update.

6.    Why can’t I make edits to my project specs after it has been received by Walter’s Publishing?
As soon as projects are received, they are sent in to production and cannot be changed. 

7.    If I make changes to Pictavo project specifications in the Portal, will they automatically be reflected in Pictavo (and vice versa)?
No, the Portal is a separate system from Pictavo.

8.    Is the Portal accessible from my phone?
Yes, but it is not optimized for mobile devices (which means it will not adjust to the screen size of the mobile device you’re using).

9.    Will all of my projects appear in the Portal, regardless of whether I submitted them using the Portal or not?
Yes. The only exceptions are posters, stickers, calendars, reprints and canceled projects.

10.    How long does it take to see changes reflected in the Portal that I have requested?
All requests are updated nightly and will be reflected the next business day. 

11.    How can I find and/or organize projects for easier viewing?
Go to Projects and type in the search term you desire. Click on any column heading to sort the data by that column. For example, if you want to see all of your projects with hard cover binding, organized by the date due, go to Projects and search for Hard Bound, make sure the Projects tab at the bottom is selected and click on the Date Due column. If you want more data-handling options like Excel, you can export your list from either the Project tab or the Specifications tab to get all the corresponding data contained in them.

12.    What is the difference between a Delivery Date and a Submission Date?
A Delivery Date is the target date that you or your customer would like the school’s books delivered. The Submission Date is the date you or your customer will need to turn in the school’s page designs for publishing.   

13.    Whom do I contact for additional assistance in using the Portal?
Please contact the Walter’s Publishing Technical Support Team at 800-447-3274 ext. 2.