Additional Information

Let's explore each of the key points you'll need to consider before producing your Cruise or Deployment Book.

Quantity.  Although this number will probably change, an estimate will be needed for a price quote and to reserve press space for printing. If possible, refer to prior book sales. If not, try to get an idea of the interest level in the book. We are happy to refigure costs as often as needed, as your numbers change.  Typically, plan on a participation rate of 50% to 75%.

Pages.   Create a rough outline of how you intend to lay out the pages of your book.  A typical layout might include letters from the CO or XO, or a short biography written about them.  These first pages are usually followed by pages of the entire crew or unit, listed by division or department.  The choice of whether to use individual portraits or group photos is completely up to you. The number of pages may change during the planning and layout process, which will affect the final price of the books. We allow you to change this number without a penalty, up until the time you submit your final files.

Learn more about interior pages and how to organize them.

Binding.  There are four choices for binding your book;

  • Soft-saddle is a stapled binding. It can be used on books up to 96 pages
  • Perfect bound is a soft cover with a glued spine — similar to a paperback book
  • Standard hard cover is a library quality binding with white endsheets
  • Smyth sewn hard cover is typically used for books with 224 or more pages.
    This type of binding will allow the book to lay open flat. Page count must be a multiple of 8

Cover.   Do you want a full color cover with lamination, or a leatherette wrapped cover with foil and/or embossing? The full color cover will be the more economical choice, with foil, embossing and leatherette adding cost to the project.

Options.  In addition to the cover options mentioned above, you could also choose to add colored endsheets (unprinted), or your own custom designed endsheets to the book. Other options include a 9" x 12" book format, heavier page stock (100# vs the 80# standard) or heavier book board for hard cover books.

Learn more about covers, binding types, and endsheets.

Delivery.  When would you like to receive the finished books? Our production time can range from 3 to 8 weeks, depending on how you submit the files, and options that you might choose for the books. Shipping can add 1-3 weeks, depending on where the finished books ship to. Bulk shipping to a stateside address is usually through UPS, and takes about a week. Shipping to an APO or FPO address averages about 2 weeks. Some areas take a bit longer. As you know, we can’t guarantee a specific delivery date to APO or FPO addresses, so plan for the outside dates to be sure.

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