Outline Your Pages

It might be helpful to first think of your military book as a report that includes both text and images. Outlining what is to be included eliminates time spent on information that won’t be used. Outlining also insures that all the information, memories and crew members are included in your book.

Download an Interactive PDF of the Ladder Worksheet

Walter’s Publishing recommends the use of a Ladder Worksheet to outline all the pages of your book.

Plan on the number of pages to include for the commander’s message, each department/division, and candid photos of events or celebrations. You might want to save a few pages at the end of the book for your homecoming.  You will probably find that the ladder will need to be adjusted as your book layout progresses.

NOTE: Page count must be an even multiple of 4, unless Smyth binding is chosen. For Smyth books, page count must be a multiple of 8.

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