With Pictavo™ Community, parents, students and other community members can upload photos for consideration in the yearbook, design and purchase recognition or business ads, shop for available yearbook products and order their yearbook online. Access on your computer or via the FREE mobile app.

Just turn “on” Pictavo Community within your Pictavo account. Then set up your upload, school and product settings and start sending community members to www.pictavocommunity.com or to download the Pictavo Community mobile app.


Easy Photo Upload

Increase student coverage

  • Community members can upload as many photos as the limit you set 
  • Images stay organized as members must select a pre‑defined folder to upload into and tag who is in the photo
  • Easily identify and choose the images you see fit for inclusion into the yearbook

Online Shopping

Increase sales potential

  • Community members can purchase yearbooks, recognition ads, business ads or other companion products you choose to offer, like signing pens, posters, t-shirts, etc.
  • Both standard and personalized yearbooks can be ordered
  • Purchase can be made on the website or via the mobile app