Yearbook Marketing and Kit Materials

Click the links below to download and print individual marketing materials at your convenience. To order print versions, please contact your Customer Care Representative for pricing and shipping information. New Pictavo kit materials will be available beginning August 1, 2017.

Pictavo Brochure.jpg

Pictavo Brochure
Elementary/Middle/Junior High version

(Item #WP8033)

Highlights the mobile capabilities, exclusive art library and powerful features of the new version of Pictavo.



wp8033 new pictavo brochure.png

Pictavo Brochure
Junior High/High School version

(Item #WP8033HS)

Wow your potential high school clients with mobile capabilites, collaboration tools,  and exclusive art features in the new Pictavo.


Elementary/Middle School Inspiration Guide
(Item #WP8391)

Tap in to this Inspirational Guide to see how each of Pictavo’s eight art collections, designed for the younger audiences, make laying out the yearbook both simple and fun!

Junior High/High School Inspiration Guide
(Item #WP8390)

Use this version of the Inspiration Guide to see how eight additional art collections help schools create great magazine-style yearbooks that junior high and high school students crave.

WP8394 catalog.png

Elementary Art Catalog
(Item #WP8394)

View art from all elementary collections in catalog format.

WP8393 HS catalog.jpg

High School Art Catalog
(Item #8393)

View art from all high school collections in catalog format.

Quick-Start Guide
(Item #WP8379)

Getting started is easy with this to-the-point starter guide. 


Cover Instruction Guide
(Item #WP8310)

Creating and submitting a custom cover is an easy-to-follow process with these step-by-step instructions.

Product Guide
(Item #WP8038)

Your guide to all the products available through Walter's Publishing.


Yearbook Stock Cover Brochure
(Item #WP8013)

The selection of professionally designed covers that are FREE to any school who publishes with Walter’s Publishing!


Personalization Brochure
(Item #WP8010)

Describes five cover personalization options of names, photos and/or personal icon(s) and personalized name plates.

High School Yearbook Adviser Guide
(Item #WP7337)

Describes all aspects of planning, managing and marketing your yearbook.


Planning Guide
(Item #WP7303)

Includes valuable tips, ideas and examples to help you create a cohesive book that students will be talking about. 


PDF Creation Guide
(Item #WP7311)

Your guide to creating and exporting using Adobe® InDesign® or Photoshop®.


WP7326 Promote Cover.jpg

Promoting & Selling Guide
(Item #WP7326)

Tips for yearbook promotion and ideas to increase yearbook sales.

Ideas And Inspiration Flyer
(Item #WP8369)

Includes design tips, layout suggestions, inspirations, yearbook do’s and don’ts, tech talk and much, MUCH more!


Directory and Event Book Marketing Materials


Sport & Event Books and Posters Flyer
(Item #WP8006)

Layouts and designs available with sport & event books and posters.


Prom & Dance Books Flyer
(Item #WP8007)

Options available with personalization for school's prom theme, name and date.


Church Directories Brochure
(Item #WP8009)

Illustrates the cover options available to churches that do a directory program.


Pictavo Legacy Marketing Materials

Moving forward, Pictavo Legacy will refer to the original version of Pictavo. Pictavo Legacy will be available through the 2018-2019 school year.


Pictavo Legacy Quick Start Guide
(Item #WP7379)

This jump-start guide illustrates Pictavo navigation and features.


Pictavo Legacy Brochure
(Item #WP7033)

Highlights all the sophisticated design features, comprehensive project management and powerful collaboration tools available in Pictavo!


Pictavo Community Flyer
(Item #WP7395)

Photo upload and yearbook ordering instructions.


Pictavo Legacy Design Guide
(Item #WP7391)

Build a unified yearbook theme using Pictavo's extensive art library.


Pictavo Community Flyer
(Item #WP7396)

Photo upload, yearbook ordering and ad ordering instructions.



Additional Forms

Click the links below to download and print Walter’s Publishing forms. NOTE: forms must be downloaded to your computer and opened by a PDF reader in order to be completed electronically.